ir900859590 Level 1 asked 2011-04-10

How do I find wood charcoal's buyers in Turkey? 0

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I'd like to sell charcoal from Iran to charcoal's buyers in Turkey. So I want to know them.

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  • giri40k 2011-04-11 Best Answer

    wood charcoal's buyers in Turkey - Use correct keyword and search the product with region changed into as u like or simply post buy order with quality specification & Quantity u require.
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    • musa jibril 2017-03-03

      Hi Dear.

      iam a charcoal imorter and iam looking a market in turkia.

      best regards ,


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    • cn109591901 2011-04-11

      Thanks for your question!

      If you are unable to find the products you want from a country/region of your choice, try searching products from neighboring countries - e.g. if you cannot find suppliers from India, you might be able to find suppliers from Pakistan.

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