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Agents or Mediators needed for plastic moulding unit 0

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Agents or Mediators needed for plastic moulding unit who can bring bulk orders on commission basis

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  • cn220160815 2011-04-16 Best Answer

    Hello.This is Mr Peny chen.the worker of Zhejiang Jaroot plastic co, China, which is specialized in automobile plastic , motorcycle plastic parts, plastic moulds for more than 17years.We believe that we can give you the professional quotation and the competitive price ,we hope to cooperate with you and build good relationship sincerely Jaroot(YADA)has a large mould-injection equipment line which can produce 200000sets of plastic products each year and painting line which can produce 150000sets plastic products each year. Our company also has a set of plastic mould CNC machine.8sets of digital controlled milling machines,3Dcoordinated wapping inspectors and plastic material inspectors which can produce 250sets of mould each year. If you are interested in our company, please browse our website: If you have any problems, please kindly let me know without hesitation, thank you!
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    • Sunny Lai 2017-07-16

      We are manufaturing the plastic injection mould with almost 20years experience.we are welcome u bring the customer and order  to our factory. And i have sent some picture about our product for your reference




      Guangzhou Daoqin Molds&Plastics co.,ltd

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    • cn109591901 2010-11-25

      There are two reasons why your search result may not be accurate:

      a.Your search keyword might not be spelled correctly

      Please check your spelling and try your search again. If you are not sure what the correct spelling is, try using Google to check. Just enter your spelling and click Search. Google will give spelling suggestions at the top of the page if your spelling is not correct.

      b.One product may have various names

      Try other keywords that have the same or similar meaning to the keyword you used. Again, Google is a good tool to find alternative names. Just enter your product keyword and click Search. You can find suggestions in the search results. You can also try searching with “product keyword” + “also called”/ “other name”.

      To learn get more tips on searching products, click here

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