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How many 50 Kg bags of Rice in 20" container? 0

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How many 50 Kg bags of Rice in 20" container?

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  • th101681331 2009-11-17 Best Answer

    Ahhh , I can't stand watching the funny answer anymore !!!

    I am the Thai rice supplier.

    Whatever bag size contained in 1x20' container is possible.

    The smallest size I have exported is 0.5 pound or 0.2 kg bag.

    The maximum weight per 20' container is around 19.5 to 20.5 MT but not over 21 MT otherwise you need to pay for some extra charge.

    Thus , there will be around 400 bags for 50kg bag size.

    That's it
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    • us1020445980 2013-05-14

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    • us111188875 2011-06-15

      how many bags of 50kg bag of rice are in 40ft container?

      how many bags of 50kg bags of rice are in 21ton?

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    • pk107581647 2009-10-31

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    • gbathori 2009-09-09

      You can pack 20mt weight and 32cbm into a 20-feet. Above 16mt however you will pay an overload surcharge. I don't know the volume of the rice sack, but according to weight  up to 400 sacks would fit into the container.

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    • grigointernational 2009-09-08

      Usually you can pack about 14 - 15 tons of weight into a 20' Container.
      But why don't you ask the Rice Supplier to tell you?
      It will also depend if they are on pallets or packed loose.
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