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Good afternoon Mr.'m looking to start a business of venda of the fitness equipment in China and saw an optimal supplier market, attractive prices and enjoy the fall in U.S. dollars. But I do not have any concept of logistics in this area, customs, containers, or imports in general I am very much layman.

how to find an agent in china broker of trust and as vai this service cost?

if you can help me would be very grateful and available here in Brazil to also help you in that I'm capable.

since I am already very grateful for the attention

Dennis Days

Atlantys Commerce

Goiania - Brazil

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  • cn220243051 2011-01-03 Best Answer

    Dear sir, How are you?I am van,yongkang study Co., LTD Customer manager, ten years I fitness equipment company has been committed to the research and development, product variety, exported to many countries and regions. If you have any needs, can contact us, or welcome to visit our company sites: Refresh = all my pleasure! Tax:0579-87067119 Tel:0579-87063080 producer email BEST REGARTS, VAN YongKang City Sibao CO.,Ltd.
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    • darina xu 2017-07-04

      Hello Dennis,


      WIsh you have a lovely day today.


      We are professional fitness equipment factory of China,specializing in this field nearly 18 years and also we have long-term and professional cooperate logistics.


      Hope there is a way we can cooperate.



      Thanks and best regards,


      Whatsapp:+86 15214722053

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    • egernia 2008-09-19

      Be sure that you know this type of product well before you try to buy it as many suppliers may make attractive looking product that does not have the functionality required by you and your buyers.

      For example many suppliers of commerical quality treadmills in China do not understand traction control which can result in the user getting thrown off the machine under standard usage. You wont notice that problem until you get onto the machine and start testing it.

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