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Do I need a Shipping Agent? 1

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Hi my name is Oscar, I´m starting to do bussiness with a company in alibaba.com, recently I bought 500 units of product name spicy shelf, it´s made out plastic, and I need it shipped by sea to Miami Florida, in the United States, this is the first time I do bussiness with somebody in chine, therefore I don´t any expirience what so ever in this matter, so, my question is, Do I need a shipping agent to buy and send 500 units of this product to Miami?.

Thank you very much for your information.

Oscar Meza

Where are your goods shipped from (country/region): China/Wenzhou

Where are your goods shipped to (country/region): United States/ Florida

Product name: Spicy Shelf

Quantity: 500

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  • Hans Gong 2017-07-31

    First of all, China is not Chine, Chine means China in French though. 

    You will need to contact a ship to load all the shelves. I would recommend you to have a agency to do all these staff if it's your first time. 

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