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Dear Mr. Christian, have a question the payment and how can i check the real information about it? 5

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My name is Yaroslav, I'm from Ukraine, just starting to use the, Can i trust the seller which giving me his (whatsup, viber or skype details) after we were talking about the items which i like, in the end ask about payment without any garantee for the safety payment.
I found him with a company which has a gold member 8 years, and he unswered me and gave his contact details.

Your product name: Msi GeForce Gtx 1080ti

Where is your supplier from: USA California (Electronic Specialists)

What kind of payment terms do you prefer: Western Union

What kind of payment terms does the supplier want to use: Western Union or Money Gram

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  • Nikita Botsva 2017-07-17


    If seller give/ask viber/weechat ... or other it is normal business relations.

    But pay attention you can get money back (if the product quality is different then you agree with seller) only if you have used "Trade assurance" system for the order. and if you have negotiation history using alibaba messeges. that can proove you are right.


    so you can talk by skype or email if it is convenient BEFORE order, but after that write all important order details (product specification ...) using alibaba messeges when making order.

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