Lewis Yang Level 1 asked 2017-07-05

Who wants to coperate for Dropshipping ? 1

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I am based in Singapore. looking for a long term business relationship. targeting south east Asia market

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  • jockey qiu 2017-07-26

    Hi ,we are nakin technology corpoartion limited in Guangzhou, Pls contact me Pls . Jockey_qiu@nakin.net

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  • Michelle Huang 2017-07-24

    Hello, Lewis Yang.I'm form Giant company.We supply electric products(relay,timer,voltmeter,ammeter,switching power supply,AC contactor etc) on low voltage and high voltage switchgear.Do you have the customer need these?If so,you can contact us.We can discuss detail by mail ,wechat or whatsapp.

    My contact information:eamil:sales-4@cn-giant.com


                                         wechat No:chxlstuble

    Looking forward to hearing form you.


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  • Appavdoo Ramakrishnan 2017-07-05

    We Have Financial Instrument such as (BG),Stand By Letter of Credit(SBLC), Letter of Credit(LC),Medium Term Note(MTN),Private Placement Programs and other related instruments are available for lease


    Email:  appavdoraddiafinance@gmail.com

    Skype ID: raddiasblcleasing


    Website: https://www.endole.co.uk/company/04109369/barclays-barley-limited


    Best Regards.

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  • null null 2017-07-05

    hi,i am cherry lee, run a online aliexpress store . we are a integration of industry and trade company .Wholesale good quality own brand antitheft multifunction backpack.if you are interested in,please browse

    this weblink as below:https://fenruien.aliexpress.com/store/2960135?spm=5261.seller_index.0.0.kzuVoX

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