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I have to pay seller's Paypal fee ? 1

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Payed via paypal but just noticed a slight difference in my calculation.

I checked the invoice and notice a "PayPal handling" charge. What what I know, as a merchant my self that uses PayPal, this is against their User Agreement.

Noticed many other sellers here on Alibaba charging fees to me. They're all different to, all ranging from $1 to 5 percent.

Anybody out there, please advise.

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  • yan Tan 2017-06-15

    Hello,I think it is reasonable that you pay the paypal fee.There is no doubt that paypal is very convenient,but we sellers have to pay large sum of paypal fee and we don't have much profit.

    So,you can discuss with your supplier,at least you should bear a half of the paypal fee.This is my suggestion.Thanks.


    Best Regarads,



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