Tim Henshaw-Plath Level 1 asked 2017-06-10

consignee name of the bill of landing and agent to clear the customs 1

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This is my first order on alibaba and I am being asked for an agent to clear customs and a consignee name of the bill of landing and I am not clear as to how to find out this information. The order is five canvas tents from

QQcamp Co., Ltd
Yinan Industrial Zone,
Yiwu, Zhejiang,
322000 China

and I am trying to ship them to the port of Oakland in California USA. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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  • Carlos Lastra 2017-06-26

    Hello Tim,


    My name is Carlos I am a Customs Broker here in the US.


    If you need a little more info about the logistics requrirements please feel free to send me an email i would be glad to help.



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  • Bob Saddle 2017-06-12


    why don't you try Alibaba.com’s affiliate One Touch service

    good luck


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