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What about false MOQ displayed at product page? 10

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Hello everyone,
I'm new in Alibaba. I am interested in a product that displays, in its product page, a different MOQ (smaller) than the one they require, according to what they have told me via messaging.

My question is: Can I make them respect the information they are actually displaying? Does Alibaba protects me from this type of false publicity? If the answer is YES. What should I do?

I'd be really really gratefulif you could help me. I've already done a tour searching for information that could help me, but I haven't been able to.

Looking forward to your answers,

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  • Christian Liza 2017-06-14


    It is great you are doing a research tour before purchase any item on Alibaba, this is a MUST DONE duty for every buyer.

    I would like to asnwer your question, but i will apreciatte if yu can post the exactly item: link, company, desired purchase amount.

    This way I can give you an accurate answer.

    You can post a complaint here:


    Christian Liza
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