kelmanowicz sylviane Level 1 asked 2017-05-29

the seller do not reply me!!! 1

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I am French I was discussing with a seller who was agreed to sell me 10 caps ... When I asked for the price of a cap and shipment to france he replied $ 15 per cap ... Which makes ^ $ 150 !!
I explained to him that there had to be a mistake because sending for France with DHL is about $ 19 ...
He replied that he was checking and since then I ask for it no longer answers !!! what to do

Industry: base ball caps

Product name: caps with rhinestones

Product details: only 10 caps

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  • Gemma Leo 2017-07-16

    maybe the seller don't use the langcichge

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  • Dasiy Li 2017-06-20

    Hello,actually, you can find another seller. you have more options

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  • null null 2017-05-29

    hey,do not worry!i think that you should to find a new supplier.

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