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The supplier asked me to perform the payment outside Alibaba. What to do? 1

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Hello. The supplier has asked me to pay outside Alibaba website so they can get some tax refund from the government. They claim that if the transaction is performed here, they could not get any tax refund. How safe is it to pay them outside? Has anyone done that? How can make sure I can trust the company? Any thoughts?
Thanks in advance for the help!

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  • Christian Liza 2017-05-17

    Hello Guillermo:

    Unfortunately, what they say is not correct.

    As possible as you can: USE ALIBABA PAYMENT OPTIONS.

    The supplier is not saying the complete true:

    1- Suppliers dont pay taxes for export their products from China to the world.

    2- They get 5% of their FOB exportation, it is called DRAWBACK. This is a simple process to be made online/offline.

    Recommendation: DONT PAY OUTSIDE ALIBABA.

    If possible try another supplier.

    In case you will deal with this supplier, Hire an Inspection 3rth party service before the goods leave China.

    Hope this helps

    Christian Liza
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