catalin garleanu Level 1 asked 2017-05-14

can't add more new list to aliexpress wish list 1

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I have generated all ready 10 wish lists in my account and I wanted to add more category on it . I don't find any ADD button to generate new wishlist .

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Jose Parada 2017-05-14 Asker's Choice

Hello Catalin:

Aliexpress has a limit for wish list category.

You can only add 10 categories for wish lists, but each wish list category can be added any amount of stores inside.

Will be great if can allow unlimited wish list categories.


Christian Liza
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  • Zoltan Koszegi 2017-07-31



    You are absolutely right. If we can store any number of item in one wish list category why aren't we allowed to have any number of wish list category??? 10 categories are far too few! Just see the google mail. You can have any number of label. No limitations at all. A wish list category is just a label that I can assign to an item. The only difference is that an item can belong only one wish list category (or folder) but more than one label can be assigent to an email.

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