Olga Frolova Level 1 asked 2017-05-07

I can't receive my oder or my money/ The programm doesn't see the number of my oder 1

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I odered and payed the glass for Samsung 19/02/2017. I was waiting the delivery till 22.04.2017. The delivery didn't recieved. The delivery was closed without my actions. I send a letter to buyer. I opened the Disput. He asked me to wait more 2 weeks. I waited. I didn't receive my oder or my money. The buyer didn't answer. I tryed to make one more dispute but I can't. Because the programm sended me a notice that the oder does not exist

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  • Christian Liza 2017-05-10

    Hello Olga:

    Will be helpful from you to provide the supplier store link to warn other buyers and we can give better answers. http://goo.gl/w8OehW

    I suggest to email directly Aliexpress buyerservice@aliexpress.com and explain them detailed about your issue.

    Usually the refund spends 5-10 days. Hope this works for you.

    best Regards

    Christian Liza
    email: cliza@comprar-en-china.com
    Skype: decaltrademark1

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  • tina wxg 2017-05-08

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