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I can't confirm my order 10

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I need a help

By using VISA card, I just finished my payment a minute ago.
And I received the e-mail from Alibaba
But I can't confirm my order

In the process of payment, I signed my company account( in the blank e-mail address field
This address does not match my AliBaba account(
So, I got an error message (I failed to take a screenshot).
And following message will be confirmed whenever I try to confirm order.

"your email address on the order transaction must match your log in email address
Please log in using your order transaction email adress to continue"

Furthermore, I can't confirm this transaction in my Alibaba order box.
I want to make sure that my payment has been done properly.
Please tell me how to confirm order.

Your product name: PVC/Hypalon fenders

Where is your supplier from: China

What kind of payment terms do you prefer: VISA Card

What kind of payment terms does the supplier want to use: Timeless

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  • Christian Liza 2017-05-13

    Hello Changwoo:

    you made a mistake at the payment process.

    You can do:

    1- Log in with the email account you made the payment

    2- If you dont have an account with that email, sign up a new alibaba account with that email.

    3- Contact the supplier and ask them if have recieved the order payment because you have issues trying to log in, and handle all the procces this way.

    4- In case these does not work, contAlibaba service to get help:

    Hope this will be useful.

    Christian Liza
    Skype: decaltrademark1

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