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Hello Dear,
I was looking for a product and I found it at a seller , But the company's of seller data in Alibaba the country is Australia I sent him a email asking for the price and he sent my pricing and i accept the price , and He asked me to transfer the amount to Nigeria by Western Union , I asked him to send me the product pictures and product data for i want ask the customs He told me there no customs he will pay in Nigeria , and he did not send me any data and photos for the product , Can I trust this seller, and he have zero feedback i think it is new i do not know
Please Help and Best Regards

Your product name: HATTCHIIM-EGG

Where is your supplier from: Australia or Nigeria

What kind of payment terms do you prefer: Any method is reliable

What kind of payment terms does the supplier want to use: Western Union

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  • Dylan Wang 2017-04-19

    Hello,do you need a logistics service?
    My E-mail:Dylan@chun-peng.com

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  • sheng liu 2017-04-21


    Hi wouldn't like to build relationship with you.

    Don't worry, many suppliers would like to provide goods for you in China.

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