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Empty promises 1

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I purchased $30,000 USD Worth of product from a company I found on Alibaba,
I guess we didn't understand how to use the site & that we should have stayed with Alibabas services.
The company had us do business over Skype & email
They made promises over email & skype & did not deliver on them
We got the Product, but a Major point that we made was we supplied software that needed to be updated to function with their product but maintain our company design, they agreed to supply the updated code back to use upon completion, they did not, so after the first $14,000 USD order we had the product, but no updated code.
They then said they would provide it after our next order, so again another $14,000 USD order was paid for & received.
Again no code provided.
Now they are saying if we place a $30,000 order they will provide it, of course we will not do any more business with them.
*** So, I wanted to know, if we provide the original emails & screenshots or what ever of the skype conversations is there a way to leave feedback regarding these empty promises?

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