Nini Christian Level 1 asked 2017-04-19

How can I locate suppliers that with low minimum orders? 1

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I am a start up business and is looking to invest in handbags, Because I do not have a large customer base as yet, I would like to order several styles of handbags, but in minimal quantity until I can determine what is in demand, the order larger quantities. Please help or advise what I should do

Industry: Resale

Product name: Wholesale-Women-Monogram-Leather-Tassel-Tote-Bag.jpg_200x200

Product details: 1.Material: Leather
2.Pattern: Bag
3.Color: Blue, Black, Pink, Beige, Wine
4.Style: SLeather Tassel Tote Bag

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  • Lenka Lee 2017-05-09

    Hi, Nini, I know many suppliers who can offer you minimum order. Each design you only need to order 15 pieces. You can add my whatsapp: +8618867951772, I can send you detailed shop information

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  • Dylan Wang 2017-04-19

    Hello,do you need a logistics service?

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