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i want to start a drop shipping business, learn as I go 1

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I would like to start dropshipping. I just got a web site. Can you tell me in basic outline form how to proceed?
Please be simple and to the point and I'll question if I don't understand. Can I have a list of companies that dropship, what products, cost with or without shipping, would prefer experienced companies, insured, and methods of pay, like PayPal, credit card. I would like to start out with a few key products and move on. Does the company provide the product in a message sent, or a page with information that can be copied and pasted? Highly interested but want to proceed learning as much as I go. Will you provide the county coming from and inform me if any special permits needed, like if I sell a Atv/Utv, anything special to do? Thank you.

Industry: Garrsdeal, I have an EIN number, anything else needed?

Product name: Looking for dropshipping items, factory direct

Product details: Pictures, prices including shipping or free

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  • Dylan Wang 2017-04-13

    Hello,do you need a logistics service?

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