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I am ALFREDS KUKUTS from LATVIA. I have a reasonable suspicion of unfair sales manager from Chenzchen town, which calls itself as Anne JONES. 1

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On 28th of March I send to ANNE JONES 60 USD with Western Union payment.
Today - 30th of March I have no answer from her about packing and selling me digital camera.
I want know -
1.As a home page '''' is a really Chinas sellers home page?
2. As ANNE JONES are really these homepages sales manager?
3. Where I can find really Western Union system's user DANDAN SUN - which calls itself the above mentioned company sales manager where I paid 60 USD.

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  • Christian Liza 2017-03-29

    Hello Alfreds:

    Did you check their website beefore purchase?

    The website does not exist!

    Scammers have any name they can imagne, will be a time wasting to find if Anne Jones is the sales manager or not. All their web seems fraud.

    Western Union Terms of service says that they dont get responsability if you send money to a person you dont know.

    I am sure the camera you bought, is 3-5 times cheaper than in your country. This is the first sign of scamming.

    Next time make a deep research as you are trying to do it now.

    Will be almost imposible to recover your payment


    Christian Liza
    Skype: decaltrademark1

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