Emmanuel Nwanua Level 1 asked 2017-03-19

I am a new practitioner in export ,i am from Africa Nigeria to be precised,i have 1000 tuns of cocoa in whorehouse also cashew of 100 tuns for sell ,how can i reach out to a buyer ? 1

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Good quality of dry cocoa seed and raw cashew nut that has good quality K.O.R of 47 to 48 and even more.The products are in west Africa in Nigeria.

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  • 奋斗中的女汉纸 2017-03-20

    well, I am a Chinese saleswoman.

    According to my knowlegde, you'd better find your target buyer. For example, Cocoa is used to make coffee and chocolate, then you are going to find the coffee manufacture and chocolate producer, right?

    If your question is where to find those people, then here is one way, in this alibaba market, you post selling lead, and then waiting for buyer to reach you.

    And I am sure you know other market. 

    Second, you can go to the real market, not online, I don't know your place, but in our place there is always trade fair, you can find buyers.

    Third, your counter produce cocoa, so you must drink coffee and eat chocolate, you should know some brand, you can go to their factory, and talk about business.

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