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Seller sold fake wig and returned the wig to him.He promised to refund my money and I should not raise dispute now he has the wig & money & my buyers protection has expired and his ignoring me 1

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The seller Remy Royal Hair Queen Remy Queen Royal Hair - sold a fake synthertic wig with the wrong colour from the picture he posted. I contacted him to rectify the mistake and he told me to send back the wig to him and he would refund my money and the shipping fees.He also asked me not to raise a dispute as he would sort this out as soon as he received the wig.I agreed and sent back the wig by DHL of which he receivd the wig in 2 days.He told me he was waiting for his staff to transfer the wig to him in the mean time I told me I have to raise a dispute as my buyers protection was almost expiring but again he persuaded me and told me not to worry.The day my buyers protection expired I never heard back from him and he has both the wig and the money please help me as it was a lot of money nearly USD 303 with shipping fees i have tried to contact him several times but he does not bother to reply and he removed my feedback of the wig.He is a fraduent seller and should not be allowed to sell on Ali Express please help me get my refund back

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  • Joanne 2017-03-19

    Now is the weekend.Tomorrow you can contact alibaba service at "help" on line.You'd better prepare the Chat record or email, and your DHL waybill. With those proofs,it is easy way to get back the money. Good luck

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