Ramazan Cin Level 1 asked 2017-03-20

is Gongyi Hongye Water Purification Materials CHEATER Company? 1

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We wanted to buy sawdust briquette charcoal from Gongyi Hongye Water Purification Material Factory. We discussed with them and and got email about specification and pictures of sample. We agreed by seeing pictures in email. But today when we got product we realized that they sent different product than we agreed. I tried to contact and ask to seller, but they did not replied to us. We placed order to this company because they are 5 years gold member of alibaba.com, However, they are not acting seriously and not being responsible. We wanted to send back this product and want that our money being returned to us. Because can not sell this not agreed product here.

is Anybody hear about this company? I really shocked that how 5 years GOLD member of Alibaba company can not be responsible.
Please help us about this case. I really lost my trust to Alibaba.com com all members. This is second time happened to me. First with free member and after that I thought that I should find Gold member supplier. But now GOLD member also looks cheated on me.
if this is real company I will use lawyer to take back my money. Any information for other helps? Thank you.

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  • Fog Cannon Supplier 2017-03-28

    Maybe they mistake your meaning. Hope this condition not happen in future.

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  • Christian Liza 2017-03-22

    Hello Ramazan:

    Purchase from a Golden supplier is not enought to be safe. http://goo.gl/w8OehW

    This is the safe process everybody must follow to buy from any supplier:

    1- Order real samples, small quantity before order big quantity.

    2- It is recommended to hire a purchase agent in China. This agent will recieve samples, check if they are fine, ship one to you and keep the other one for anspection purposes.

    3- Order by Alibaba payment options like TRADE ASSURANCE or Payment Protection. Other payment is by Letter of Credit. Dont pay to a person bank, western union or personal paypal account

    4- Hire Inspection services to check the products before shipping, this will avoid tons of problems!

     You can still complaint this bad supplier. Do it fast here:


    Remember, Alibaba give us all the tools for Trade with SAFE. We must use it promptly.

    There is a Lawyer in the Experts Alibaba community. His name is Rani Zhong, he is Alibaba Expert (Lawyer Zhong). His email is: 18308040@qq.com

    Hope this helps


    Christian Liza
    email: cliza@comprar-en-china.com
    Skype: decaltrademark1


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