Carina Rittger Level 1 asked 2017-03-08

Supplier does not deliver. Deposit is already paid. Supplier is not anymore on Alibaba 1

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Good day ! We placed an order with Taizhou Wanjin. We arranged the Deposit payment and we can not reach the suppplier anymore.

I can not find the supplier on alibaba anymore:

What happened with this supplier?

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  • Christian Liza 2017-03-16

    Hello Carina:

    Is/Was Taizhou Wanjing a Golden Supplier?

    What payment option did you use? Trade Assurance, SEcure Payment?

    Alibaba can protect you only if you have paid by these options.

    You can Complaint here:

    Good Luck

    Christian Liza
    Skype: decaltrademark1

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  • Kevin Pan 2017-03-16

    Hello Carina,


    Could you offer more detials?

    If the bad luck, maybe the supplier is fake.

    Be sure and careful before you place an order.

    If so, you could ask Alibaba for helpe to refund your deposit.



    Best regards,

    Kevin Pan

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