Margharita Tazova Level 1 asked 2017-03-06

The money is not received 06 March 2017, the decision of refund of February 11, 2017, how long to wait? 1

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Dear Margharita Tazova,

The dispute (order id: 80124340245138 ) has been closed today and we have made a mediation. You can log in to to check the details.

Since you didn't receive the package within the purchase protection days and both of you didn't reach any agreement, we will support you the refund request according to our rule. Your payment is expected to return to your credit card within 3-20 working days. Please be patient to your bank statements.

Problems with the order Judgement from AE Invalid Reason
Purchase Protection is running out, but package is still in transit Valid -

Package Information
SF Express 611235861827 In Transit
Final resolution: Full refund 353.28 RUB

Reminder: Normally buyer will receive the refund in 3-20 business days.

Please spare a few minutes to provide feedback on the service I have provided. We strive on improving our performance consistently, and feedback ratings help us evaluate our performance further.

Thank you for your cooperation and support, and hope you have a great experience shopping with AliExpress. Your understanding and cooperation will be appreciated.

Best regards,

AliExpress Case Management Team

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  • Christian Liza 2017-03-07

    Hello Margharita:

    Your refund has beed approved by Aliexpress.

    They say wait 3-20 days (usually takes 10 days), but the money is not in your account.

    I suggest you to email and give details for the refund.

    I am sure they will solve your issue.

    Hope this helps

    Christian Liza
    Skype: decaltrademark1

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