Shanika Walker Level 1 asked 2017-02-28

Can someone recommend a supplier with a wide range of black female hair products or just female hair products? 1

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I am looking for a supplier to buy hair care, hair treatment, styling and other hair products including wigs and weaves, bundles etc. But I would prefer to buy from just one or two supplier, so I would prefer if they have a wide range of hair care products. Looking to become a retailer.

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  • Christian Liza 2017-03-07

    Hello Shanika: 

    There are many suppliers accrding to your request.

    I suggest you to post your request in Alibaba sourcing area:

    Just ask the same you posted here.

    You will have many quotations for sure.

    Hope this helps

    Christian Liza
    Skype: decaltrademark1

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