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alibaba logistics - warehouse to warehouse - what does that mean ? 1

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I am a buyer and frequently buy things in china with aliexpress or alibaba platform.
Unfortunately shipping costs are sometimes very high.
Now I detected on alibaba logistics site - Air - warehouse to warehouse would be much cheaper for me(about half price), what does that mean ?
- ? seller get items picked-up at his factory or has to deliver to specific place/airport ?
- ? I have to pick-up items at specified airport then or at a specific place ?
- ? I can pay customs myself there by pickup or do I need a special customs agency ?
- ? any other things to know ?

thanks very much for help - I could not find anything more detailed on alibaba website...
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  • FANG HELEN 2017-02-28

    Hi warehouse to warehouse is means someone will pick up items from factory and send it to your warehouse which you offered directly.no need customs agency. no need to pick up item at specific place/airport. this model is more convenient.

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