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New User - Why my account is Permanently Deactivated. 1

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I am a new user on alibaba.

I have a company in my country; Turkey.

All my sellings are registered, I pay my taxes and I have every document I need to.

I have my own website to sell Turkish Products worldwide.

I registered to alibaba with my website's official email adress.

I send all document proofs that alibaba requested.

I did not sent any spam messages.

I even did not sent any message to anybody.

But suddenly alibaba deactivated my account permanently.

May I learn why?

As I requested help, even customer support told me that they don't know the reason of this issue.

Can you please give me a reason about that permanent deactivation?

What should I do to sell on alibaba as an ordinary seller?

Thank in advance and hoping you to solve my issue...

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  • Christian Liza 2017-02-15

    Hello Orcin:

    Your account may be deactivated due to a security issue being detected. http://goo.gl/w8OehW

    The security checks are carried out at random times on all members. They are run by Alibaba.com to ensure safe trading environment for all users. These security checks are strictly confidential.

    Try to reactivate your account, please sign in to My Alibaba, click Appeal for account reactivation, and provide the required documents and information.

    If you have any difficulties reactivating the account, you can try:

    1- Sign up a new account with a gmail, hotmail or yahoo.

    2- Fill your usual company information.

    Good luck

    Christian Liza
    email: cliza@comprar-en-china.com
    Skype: decaltrademark1

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