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Bitter Kola Nuts Cameroon Other Nuts & Kernels 10

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Bitter Kola Nuts Cameroon Other Nuts & Kernels

We are a company specialized in exportation of tropical products. We have available now: Garcinia kola (bitter kola), fresh and dried Cola nitida red kola, Vegetable & Garden Plants, Products, Tropical Herbs & Seeds, Rhizomes & Bulbs, Exotic Tropical.....

We're major farmers/ producers and exporters of Agro seeds, ranging from Garcinia Cola (bitter cola), Cola Natida (kola nut), Sesame seed (natural white), and natural hardwood charcoal.
We have quality goods with respect to the international specifications.
We have large quantity of both fresh & dry cola.


Quantity: As required, small and large quantity.
Free from Alatoxine
Free from Salmonella
Moisture: 12% max
Acid insoluble ash: 2% max
: 1.5% minimum
Foreign matter: 2% max
Visible mould: None

Product Origin: Cameroon

Payment: FOB/CIF/TT through our Bank or Western Union
Package: cartons or as advised by the customer for more convenience.
Delivery: 4days after order through EMS speed post or Air Line

Delivery of large quantities like 18MT is 10 to 14 days

Contact us for more information.

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