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Can I pay several orders with one payment to alis citibank account? 1

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Hi I would like to know if it is possible to make one payment for several orders, to have fewer bank fees. It is a german bank and each transaction will cost 46 bucks. so I would like to make one payment for all orders.
Of cours I would mention all order numbers in the payment.

For exsample

1. Trade 500 USD order no XXXX1
2. Trade 2000 USD order no XXXX2
3. Trade 1500 USD order no XXXX3

one Payment of 4000USD mention order no XXXX1, XXXX2, XXXX3 to alibabay citibank account.

Trade assurence will be coverd on this transaction and is ali going to advise the payments to the right orders?

Thank you

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  • Christian Liza 2017-02-15

    Hello Rudolf:

    Different orders from the same suplier can be paid once to save bank fees.

    Orders from different suppliers must be paid separetely.

    Trade Assurance System supports Credit Card payment. check fees:

    Hope this helps 

    Christian Liza
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