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i pay Ray Lei one of your agent for one machine presso therapy infrared 2 months ago he can`t find the product and he don`t refund me what I have to do? i`m in Canada

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  • Alice Tong 2017-03-31

    For cold drawn precision 304 grade round pipes, By following contact:

    Marketing and Sales Center:
    Address:Suite22D,YongRong Enterprise Center,No.1111 Liyang Road, HongKou Area,Shanghai,200081,China.
    Tel: +86-21-36360933
    Fax: +86-21-36361766

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  • Augustine Hu 2017-03-24

    Do you mean you made payment to a trading company, and they do not ship out your goods?

    If yes, I suggest you contact with your supplier, and ask them to prepare this goods as you ordered. Otherwise, you can contact with Alibaba and they will contact with this supplier.

    Hope this helps.

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