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I through alibaba, i researched a supplier of handbags, from India Kamarvy in which i made a large purchase and so far i have not received it...... It qualifies as being 1 YR GOLD SUPPLIER?????!!!!! I am verifying that he will not deliver me the goods, since he said he would deliver me in 10 days, then 20 days and will move to the 30 days and nothing....... anyone can inform me about this supplier??????

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Bobi Chan 2017-01-03 Asker's Choice

fake company ?

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  • Christian Liza 2017-01-03

    Hello Renata:

    I have check the Kamarvy details.

    Even you deal with a Golden Supplier, it doesn´t mean they are reliable.

    Your duties are:

    1- You must do a deep research about the supplier

    2- You must use Alibaba recommended payment options (Trade Assurance, Secure payment, etc)

    3- Hire a third agent in the supplier country to verify all the process and help you

    About Kamarvy:

    - Their website is offline since 2015

    - Their main telephone is a mobile phone

    - They have a basic inspection and have less than 1 year.

    Obviously they are not reliable and it is possible they will scam you. They are not serious at all.

    I recommend contact alibaba and sbmit a complaint

    They are not trustful, try to get refunded.

    Christian Liza
    skype: decaltrademark1

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  • Helen Aldridge 2017-07-10


    this supplier - Kamarvy is a scam. Do NOT purchase through him. He's very arrogant and I can't believe he is allowed to scam people. Alibaba please take him off your site. He promises 15 days and he can take months to supply, or you may get nothing. He copies bags and the quality is terrible. 

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  • Nadiah Jamal 2017-07-04

    Hi there! Did you manage to get your orders?? Was just about to place a large order wth them too! Oh gosh :/

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  • samantha curtis 2017-02-13

    I got scammed By this company too. 

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  • Bryant Zhong 2017-01-03

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