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I am buying some unbranded women's fashion from a wholesaler I have found in China. By chance, I have seen that a style is the same as one from a high street brand (past season). If I sell this item, it will have my label in. As I am not in direct contact with the factories, should the wholesaler have T&Cs which approve the re-sale? Is this common practice and therefore I won't come against and infringement issues?
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  • Christian Liza 2017-02-02

    Hello Helen:

    It is usual woman´s fashion looks the same according to the season. http://goo.gl/w8OehW

    I am afraid many suppliers make similars brand designs, and sell it with its own brand or their customer´s brands.

    The suplier/wholesaler don´t need T&Cs unless they sell the branded goods.

    YOu will have issues if you sell the imitation goods as original branded goods.

    If you sell the chinese brand or your own, I dont think you will have problems.

    HOpe this helps

    Christian Liza
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