Amr El Kilany Level 1 asked 2016-12-19

I need A partner for assembling satellite receiver in egypt 1

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I am looking for a company which will supply me with the parts needed to assemble satellite receiver in Egypt
now after the floating fo the Egyptian pounds the exporting process became so expensive and unaffordable for the Egyptian market
so I am trying to make a small factory to assemble the receiver in Egypt instead of buying it finished from China
to avoid the high customs added on the electronics devices and the low value of Egyptian currency compared to the US dollars

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  • Heather Zhang 2017-06-19

    If you've investigated the Egypt market, going to Egypt and establishing a new company to do assembling job may be a good idea. or cooperate with local import company and let them help you assemble parts.

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  • Bryant Zhong 2016-12-20

    Hi, glad to know you. This is Cindy Xing from Rainbow import&export trading company. We are doing customs clearance service in China. Pls just let me know, if any questions about customs clearance. For more details, pls visit
    My tel./wechat/whatsApp:+86 13671816028 / 13751269593
    I hope I can help you soon. ^_^
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