Sabrina Tuccillo Level 1 asked 2016-12-19

I report a scam company, ELVIN BV, please someone know them? Who else has been cheated? 1

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Please if other people know them write me
they are Aspro partner, I transfer them deposit and they dont delivery nothing.

these are the references in their contact email


Street: Amerikalaan 609
Postcode: 3526 VX
Location: Kanaleneiland-Zuid
City: Utrecht

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  • Dimitri Xanthakos 2017-03-08

    Same flow through Aspro and then Elvin pops out.

    Seems we just lost over 10000 Euro.  Coned and wired the money in advance. Should have been more careful.....

    Must be a way to go after them. Are pursuing the case at all levels. 

    Any hints from Anyone? contact at


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  • Cihan Coskun 2017-03-06

    I had the same problem with this company:


    Robert Leusempkamp

    New Siege:Maasvlakteweg 3199 Maasvlakte Rotterdam


    VAT Nummer:NL008666027B01

    KVK Nummer:06049162


    I have deposited the money nothing happened, anyone can suggest me what I can do?

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  • Merry Lorenzo 2017-02-14

    One name more in my black list. Thank you for sharing!


    Foshan Baiguan Pipe machine


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  • anas sedigui 2017-01-26



    I've been in contact with them too, there are many scam from NL or using NL numbers. 


    I've tod them that i deal only by LC when it's a first deal with a new supplier they refuse so i was sure it's scam. 


    what i can suggest you is to call the NL police they are working by group and have several compagny name ELINBV ASPRO , ANTOINE HODING ..... be careful and an advice never do TT when you don't know the compagny. 


    last thing you can do is to contact your bank they will give you the right name of the person having the account when they receive this money , then call the NL police and give them his name. 

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  • iosif farantakis 2017-01-25

    Thank god that I dint procces to the deposit I make a order 9000€ and they wanted a tt payment I told them

    for l/c payment and didnt accept 


    the phone that call me several times

    +31 6 82 63 57 69

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  • Bryant Zhong 2016-12-20

    Hi, glad to know you and sorry to hear that. This is Cindy Xing from Rainbow import&export trading company. We are doing customs clearance service in China. Pls just let me know, if any questions about customs clearance. For more details, pls visit My tel./wechat/whatsApp:+86 13671816028 / 13751269593 I hope I can help you soon. ^_^


    Good luck~

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  • Kevin Zhang 2016-12-20

    Do you have consider why you are cheated by them? want the lower and lower price untile nobody could provide you anything.then the cheater appear and give you the price you want. so you are cheated.. only have so little details of the cheater.but you choose to trust it and discard the honest body.



    ok If I have any information I will let you know!

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  • Bobi Chan 2016-12-19

    thanks for sharing ..

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