Narzullo Abedov Level 1 asked 2016-11-01

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Hello, i would like to sell my item. and i'm new user for Alibaba. If i selling my item and how is will be charged. Because i have no much idea about selling item.
Thanks in advence to help me

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  • Christian Liza 2016-11-01

    Hello Narzullo:

    As a Seller you have 2 options: Gold Supplier membership and Free Member.

    Golden Supplier membership has 3 packages: Premium, Standard and Basic. You have to pay an standard yearly fee. Detailed information below

    You can access to your Seller Panel Manager:

    As a free member, your products will be ranked in the last pages of the searching box.

    For posting or selling you wont be charged, but most buyers will ask for secure payment.

    Alibaba has Trade Assurance program (free for seller and buyer too), but only avaliable to Paid members.

    Hope this helps.

    Christian Liza
    skype: decaltrademark1


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