Krzysztof Kulikowski Level 1 asked 2016-09-04

Trike scooter 1

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I'm looking at scooter and live in the usa. I would like to get one n have it shipped to Poland. Will the company do that? Also would like to know how much that would cost? And are there any additional international taxes or regulations that I need to be aware of?

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  • Cindy Hsiung 2016-09-04

    Dear Mr.Krzysztof Kulikowski,


    So what kind of scooter you are in need?

    if you could send detailed requirements and pics , we can find supplier for you.

    Also freight will be for you too.

    Shipping to Poland no problem.


    There will be importing  taxes depending on the CI account.

    So this is first time for you to import scooter from China?



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