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Hi! I have transferred 338 us Julin
Tianjin City Badge Electric Bicycle Co.
But they will not hand over the goods, can you help me

Your product name: Your product name

Where is your supplier from: Where is your supplier from

What kind of payment terms do you prefer: What kind of payment terms do you prefer

What kind of payment terms does the supplier want to use: What kind of payment terms does the supplier want to use

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  • Cindy Hsiung 2016-08-02

    Dear Mr.Steen Christensen,


    1. This company name should be :Tianjin City Baoge Electric Bicycle Co.

    It is a 2year Gold member of Alibaba.


    2. How long ago you made the payment?

    For factories, if no stock they will need time to produce.

     So i suggest you to discuss with them why they didn't make shipment.


    3.If they did receive your payment, but not willing to make shipment for you.

    Then  you can contact Alibaba service to make complaint and ask them to turn back the money.

    Pls keep all proof.


    4. What kind of payment method you use?




    Skype: cindyxiong1011


    We are sourcing agent in Shenzhen, we provide reliable suppliers and QC services.

    Welcome to contact us for assistance!




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