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Sale spare parts Yutong ZK6737D 1

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In stock in St. Petersburg remains a large number of ( 300 articles) Parts Yutong ZK 6737D. PARKING not buy these buses . Ready to sell in any country for half the price . Prompt how to look for buyers? How to place a full list of parts on the site?

Industry: Spare parts for buses

Product name: spare parts Yutong ZK6737D

Product details: Yutong ZK 6737D

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  • Cindy Hsiung 2016-07-04 Best Answer

    Dear Mr.Andrey Kosinov,


    For your case, i don't think Alibaba International a good place for your sale.

    Coz you have to be the paid memeber of Alibaba, which cost a lot every year (coz free member can't upload products);


    My advice is:

    1. you can find someone who has AliExpress shop there to sell for you.

    (Now AliExpress also charge annual cost, at least 5000RMB)


    2. you can try to find buyers online, and write in details to them one by one.

    It will take some time, but i think it will be most effective way, also cheapest.




    Skype: cindyxiong1011



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