Todor Marinov Level 1 asked 2016-06-21

I`ve registered my company profile yesterdayas a seller , as a free member, still cant`find my company and company`s products in alibaba 1

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Prometey ltd

Industry: wood stoves, fireplace

Product name: Prometey

Product details: wood stoves, wood fireplaces

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  • Walker 2016-06-21 Best Answer

    hi , free member has no place for company and product, i think so

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    • Christian Liza 2016-06-21

      Hello Todor:

      You must wait some days before your free membership gets approved and ready. I suggest to upload a picture with the size specifications too. be patiente.

      As free member will be difficult to get first page ranking for hig-medium demand products.

      You must do a Traffic marketing strategy to approach the prospects/clients to your products in alibaba; other way, will be difficult for buyers to find you. MOre:

      Christian Liza
      skype: decaltrademark1

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