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Hi! how can I get refund for broken kitchen parts? 1

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Hi! I bought a kitchen in the end of 2014. Many of the parts that arrived here were broken and had cracks in them. Now my drawers and cabinets have cracks and broken parts that are curved.

I have tried to talk to the seller within the last months but she just replied that I need to pay for it myself at a local repair shop.

I would do that if it was only one drawer, but all drawers and cabinets are cracked and half of them are curved.

I copy and paste the sellers information here,

Tks & B.rgds

Sarah / Sales Manager



0086 134 8082 8672

One-stop Building Materials Supply

Here is a photo of one of my broken parts (I can't send more because the file size is too big),

Where are your goods shipped from (country/region): China

Where are your goods shipped to (country/region): Sweden, Östergötland

Product name: Kitchen

Quantity: 33 drawers and cabinets together

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  • Christian Liza 2016-06-08 Best Answer

    Hello Robert:

    Canyou post the supplier website details please? it is not easy to find that company on internet.

    About the contact details: the phone is  amobile phone and the email is a free service...this is not serious at all.

    You bought it on 2014, can you tell me:

    1-did you made a contract for the product technical specifications?

    2- How long terms was the product warranty?

    3- What payment method did you use? L/C?

    4- Did you inspected the items before get shiped from China?

    5- The company is alibaba Golden supplier?


    I think it will be difficult to have a refund or replace the products, unless you have some kind of contract and valid Warranty date.

    If the company is not Alibaba Golden supplier, I think Alibaba can not help to solve this situation.

    More info:


    Hope you have some documents and contracts.

    Christian Liza
    skype: decaltrademark1

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