Tasleem Sooltangos Level 1 asked 2016-06-18

I filed complaint and seller accepted to refund full amount. How and when will I receive the money? I did not save my card on alipay. Thanks for answering. 1

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  • Cindy Hsiung 2016-06-19 Best Answer

    Dear Mr.Tasleem Sooltangos,


    1. Check your order status firstly.

    If both sides agree to refund, its status should be Refund Processing.


    2. It will take 5-7workdays to reach you.




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    • Christian Liza 2016-06-18

      Hello Tasleem:

      If both agree a refund. Check the status of your order. It must say: "Refunding Processing".

      The refund will me made directly to the credit card, dont need to be registered on Alipay.

      It will take 5-10 days for processing. Check http://goo.gl/zDJbue

      Christian Liza
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      email: cliza@comprar-en-china.com


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