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What alibaba does to ficticious suppliers? 1

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what alibaba does to sellers rating if it proved that the seller cheated the buyers? like in my case, "Quindao Sinoland International Trade LTD". cheated us buy sending totally wrong products and less in quantities.
this company brags about their gold standard to scam buyers. their Gm Sam Liu and Jun Wang alias kobe wang are both patented liars and cheaters. To prove this, please visit their website. i hope alibaba would do more than posting their case for 90 days on their website. this kind of people need not to allow transact business thru Alibaba as punishment.

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  • Tina teng 2016-01-30 Best Answer

    I am sorry to hear that ,I think you can report them on the sevice phone ,then tell alibaba service man .

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    • Zalina Yusof 2017-04-19

      I experienced the same. We enquired on soybean meal & corn gluten meal in alibaba & received a reply from Kobe Wang of Sinoland International. He sent us some samples. We were satisfied with the samples & placed an order. Unfortunately, we received totally different product. I have made a police report & will be sending whatever material they shipped to us for testing tomorrow. The first 2 photos are samples he sent us. The white powdery substance was what we actually received in our shipment. Something must be done by alibaba to safe guard innocent buyers from scammers like this!

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