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What i have to concern before i pay on TT 1

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Hi! Experts,

I will order chandeliers from alibaba. The factory that i will order they have tread assurance and gold supplier.
Anyway, many of my friends told me to careful about transfer the money vie TT.
I already as the company but they siad they cannot accept the money by paypal which i think it safe for me.
Are there any point that i have to concern before i transfer?
If i dont get the goods, alibaba will help me with anything or not.
It would be a big amount of money (over 6,000$)
Please suggest and thank you in advance.

Where are your goods shipped from (country/region): Crystal Chandeliers

Where are your goods shipped to (country/region): Guangdong, china mainland

Product name: I want to pay on paypal but they prefer me to pay on TT

Quantity: TT

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  • badar omar 2016-01-31 Best Answer

    Buy through the trade assuarance steps. For that I advice you to read more about the trade assuarance procedure carefully look for instructions link on the top right corner of alibaba home page. And never! never! transfer your money to a personal account but to:


    "If you pay by T/T (bank transfer), make sure you pay to the supplier’s Citibank account designated by Alibaba.com. Otherwise, you will not be covered by Trade Assurance"


    This is a message from alibaba trade assuarance instruction page.



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