Rambo Gandhi Level 1 asked 2016-01-03

For security reasons this process can not be continued. ISC_RS_5100102051 10

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When attempting to make purchases with an American Visa or Mastercard on AliExpress.com I'm presented with the following error dialogue:

For security reasons this process can not be continued. ISC_RS_5100102051

On the first unsuccessful attempt I called my credit card issuer and confirmed AliPay attempted to process the transaction but my card issuer held the transaction since, this being my first time buying anything from Alibaba group, it was an unusual transaction. My credit card issuer instructed me to re-initiate the transaction and assured me they'll clear any future transactions.

The subsequent attempt yielded the same error dialogue and when I spoke with my card issuer again they inform my AliPay didn't even attempt to process another transaction on my subsequent effort. I'm convinced the problem is now with AliPay for a couple of reasons. I called my credit card issuer again and they insisted AliPay made no attempt to even process my order on my second attempt. When I chatted with one of their reps via their chat tool

They have only this to say…

"I am afraid that this issue cannot be solved in a short time but please kindly note that our payment department will keep working on it in the future. I apologize if we are unable to check for the specific reason because the information is treated with high confidentiality to protect payments made on our site."

I did all my shopping on eBay international instead for a couple weeks. I revisited this today and the problem remains and another chat person gave me the same useless answer. Does anyone have any idea what AliPay's dysfunction is? Second, if a person does a separate registration for an AliPay account with their ID documents and everything can that somehow help? I was just trying to purchase a lot of items off of AliExpress and walking through their checkout process but I see that AliPay is actually the backend for the whole thing.

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  • Tunc KILINCEL 2016-01-03 Best Answer

    Dear Rambo,

    Your problem related to American express using on Alipay transecton is common. dont worry, as Alipay worker said that soon we are going to solve that problem they will because between Alipay and American Credit card Express company should sign international agrement for card holders to do purchase on Alibaba. i advise to you first take  a check if there is an agreement between them.:) 

    good luck.

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    • Nguyen VAnh 2016-06-20

      same situation, Useless answers from help center

      FU Alipay team

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    • Jesus Ramirez 2016-01-05

      I'm having a similar problem as you, I have a lot of orders in Aliexpress I cannot pay because when I try the check out payment I get the error code IPAY_RS_510174004 that my alipay account needs to beverified, but everything is verified, ive tried solving the issue with the alipay support chat 3 different times and even emailed them and they are useless and they all use the same copy and paste replies, they have all told me that my case has been forwarded and they issue should be fixed in 2 days and n it hung Blah blah blah, there useless


      i  tried opening a new Alipay account, it will work temporarlu to buy, but after a few purchases they will require you to open a Alipay account and verify before they even let you purchase.


      let me know if your successfull in verifying a second Alipay account and able to make purchase I haven't tried it

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    • C Romero 2016-03-23

      I was a loyal customer for years buying wholesale, as of late 2015 I started getting that same error. Spent hours upon hours wasting my time on chat as aliexpress would claim that's alipay's problem and then alipay would say the same about aliexpress and they kept transfering me back and forth like a @#$ing hot potato.


      I tried with american express and 2 other credit cards, one visa (business) and another mastercard and also my bank's debit card to no avail.


      What angered me the most is that they lie to you. They first told me they needed to verify my alipay account which they did after I sent copies of my ID's and bank statements and phone verification etc. But no one in their help centers has a clue what is going on. I emailed security@aliexpress.com a bunch of times only to get the same useless lines about system maintenance or no idea when this whole system failure will end.


      Eventually I googled for similar sites and moved on. Today I came back only because my sister wanted a piece of make up for herself which she found at aliexpress and I warned her I was not going to be able to pay but we tried still, and voila, unable to pay.


      Aliexpress is doomed.

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    • GRS 2016-01-15

      I've been having the same problem with another type of card for several weeks and I've been given the same useless answers. No one can help us.


      I used to be able to buy then all of a sudden, this message is keeping me from making purchases...


      Everytime I try to escalate the issue, I get tossed around between the lowest departments.

      I tried removing the card from Alipay and readding it: nothing.

      I tried manually entering the card information during checkout: nothing.


      I also think that no matter what you do, Alipay is the payment processor in the end.


      Another issue I have is I had given all the required information to Alipay so they verify my account back in november, we're in mid january and still nothing.


      I'm thinking of starting a new account, if that's even possible :/

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    • Ali Shaabak 2017-07-12

      same to me



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    • Jerry Durand 2016-12-15

      Same error, 4 different cards from 4 different banks.  Android App stopped working first, then my desktop computers stopped working about a month later.  One credit card company looked more deepely at the charge attempts and saw things like attempted charges for $0.00 which, of course, are rejected. 


      I've ordered hundreds of items mostly for our business over many years, A4 lever buyer.  Verified account.


      I notice their help for this error leads to a blank page


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    • Keith Tienken 2016-12-08

      I got the "For Reasons of Security ... ISC_RS_5100102051"  My security software said it blocked malware about "Funding International Terrorism" nonsense but i only got a glimpse of it before i clicked it off the screen.  I guess i was moving to fast and clicked it off before it registered in my brain.  


      Problem is my cards work everywhere else.  One person said they opened a new Aliexpress account and the cards worked again.  

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    • Nicole Skutelnik 2016-10-12

      I had this problem a few months ago. What you need to do is get your Alipay verification. I don't know why but I had been using aliexpress for years without needing this and suddenly they did.

      So if I remember correctly, go to alipay.com. In there you'll want to search through the top green icons (shown in the picture below). I think it's in "my profile" where you need to fill out a bunch of information and send pictures of your drivers license to verify your account. Once you have done that (and it can take a day or two for it to go through) the first icon should say "Verified" when you scroll over it like I did in the picture there.  Once I did that, everything worked.


      And if you get a new credit card, make sure to log back into this site and change it or you'll get blocked again. I just did that now.

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    • Theodosis Kavakopoulos 2016-10-09

      Same to me. From cc the answer was that they do not know when they fix the problem.

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    • Dyar F 2016-08-31

      I have the same issue, can someone fix this?!

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