Tunc KILINCEL Level 4 asked 2015-12-23

How can i find reliable supplier from China 1

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I need to find in China PPR pipe and fitting wholesaler. It is hard for me to find a good one.
Can u please suggest me one?
Thank you.

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Aiwen Gao 2015-12-23 Asker's Choice

Hi Tunc,


We are supplier of fastners, stampings and cnc machinings.

If there's anything in our range, would be glad to help


Best regards,


Shenzhen Bailian Hardware Co., Ltd


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  • pk105354623 2016-01-29

    you need to get help from Alibaba.com's experts conz, mostly experts belongs to china region

    thank you

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  • lee kiki 2016-01-17

    Hi, Mr. Tunc Kilincel

    How are you? Can i help you?


    With Best Regards


    email: hilllee88@163.com

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  • Cade Zhang 2015-12-23

    You can find supplier on alibaba site, ask them to send the samples to you to confirm the quality.

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  • Joan Liu 999 2015-12-23

    Hello Tunc,


    May i know what products you are want to find a supplier?


    We are a factory and wholesale that providing kinds of paper boxes and paper bags.Also provide custom deisgn for the packaging.


    Do you need that?


    Best regards


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