Carlos Rivera Level 1 asked 2015-09-23

Want to no more about this Company. 1

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(LEMEI INDUSTRIES GROUP LIMITED). Does this Company Really sell Food Carts
and do they have a real Company in China. Can I Buy a Food Cart From them and not
get my money stolen. Please let me no A.S.A.P. Ok please.
Thank you.
Carlos Rivera Jr

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  • Jack Xu 2015-09-23 Best Answer

    we can produce food cart for you.

     we are the manufacturing in china having OEM and ODM service

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    • Brian Quinn 2016-07-14

      Carlos, I tried to purchase a food cart in June and unfortunately sent them a wire transfer. The 25 days for shipment is up today and I haven't heard from them for a few weeks. I put in a dispute to Alibaba but I don't expect to get my money back.

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    • Jack Xu 2015-09-23

      Food Carts
      welcome to visit

       Please let me no A.S.A.P. Ok please.

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