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Free Sale Certificate for Tea export from China 10

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does anybody know where to ask for Free Sale Certificate (which institution or ministry issues it) such a certification. We need to import tea to Costa Rica (Central America) and the local authority (Ministry of Health) asks for one of the documentation - free sale certificate (or what is the adequate document in China)?

We are going to import tea from China (mainland) to Costa Rica.

Can anybody help?

Thank you!

Leos Wolny S.
AWATEA - Costa Rica

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  • Chews Time 2015-09-23 Best Answer


    This should be the question asked by your supplier. haha

    In my experience (pet snack manufacturer in Taiwan), we apply to Council of Agriculture for Free Sale Certificate.


    You can tell you supplier to ask the authorities in charge of tea export.

    (maybe the ministry of agriculture or food)

    That will be better for you.


    Hope this can help.


    by Amy

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