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How can i remove my credit card info form aliexpress? 1

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I saved my credit card info by mistake. I don't want it. I want to remove my info from here. What should i do?

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  • petr katovsky 2015-11-25 Best Answer

    Click on this link and remove you card.


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    • Hamish Robinson 2016-11-14

      Found out aliexpress illegally recorded by creditcard number and associated it to my account (even though i always deselect the option to save creditcard, yea fantastic thay you walways have to DESELECT not to save your creditcard, more bad design there)

      There was NO option anywhere to remove the saved card (it wasnt listed under saved cards anywhere)

      So then i was told to create an alipay account to remove the account from there, I now have an alipay account which also has no saved creditcards to be removed.

      I cant delete the alipay account which I DONT WANT

      I read online that you cant deactivate an alipay account if its been used within 90 days, so now i've created a new aliexpress account and will delete the alipay and also the aliexpress account after this time.

      This is rediculous and unprofessional and illegal in some countries to illegally record and store creditcard details with no option to remove them.

      Ive also contacted VISA to notify them that aliexpress is recording creditcard details and associating them to accounts with no way to remove the card, they are investigating this activity.

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    • Rajshekhark k 2015-11-11

      go to MyAliexpress


      register for it

      activate account

      mange cards


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    • Ketan Sa 2016-01-13


      These Dirtbags never ask to make alipay account while adding the credit card info. To remove the credit card, they make it so hard. Sign up alipay?? Create profile, add more private details... why? 

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    • hassan hussein 2016-03-29

      i dont want to add my catidit card visa 

      because it was mistake please 

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    • Rose Midy 2015-10-12

      i want to delete my credit cards 

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    • Carrie 1997 2015-08-18

      ask your sevice messager immediately.

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