Uladzimir Bely Level 1 asked 2015-08-25

How to prevent aliexpress from switching to other language? 10

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I prefer English to browse Aliexpress and see products descriptions in English. So I want to see www.aliexpress.com in browser's address bar.

But if someone gives me localized link, for example ru.aliexpress.com/item/blabla..., my browser shows me translated product description. While it's made via automatic translator, this description looks very incorrect.

Problem is when I try to fix URL from ru.aliexpress.com/item/blabla... to aliexpress.com/item/blabla..., it doesn't help, it's been redirected to localized page again.

If I try to switch language in settings, it redirects me to main page (www.aliexpress.com) and looses link.

So, how can I make aliexpress English-only? Maybe, block some cookies, or any other way?

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  • Christian Liza 2015-08-25 Best Answer

    Hello Uladzimir:

    It is more convenient to have the site in english because the auto translation most of the times are not accurate.

    You dont need to disable the cookies on your PC.

    First log in to your aliexpress account.

    Go to the upper right side of the website and you will see: "GO to Global Site (English)" and thats all.

    If this does not work or you can not get the page of your item, simply change the "ru" on the address bar by "www" and you will get the same product page but in english.


    Good Luck
    Christian Liza from DECAL Trademark Int.
    skype: decaltrademark1
    email: cliza@comprar-en-china.com

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    • Nico Weigand 2015-12-21

      I just had a session with Firefox and diverse cookie managers.. none of them can freeze/lock cookies as there are 3 in there that seems to have to do with the langauge:


      aep_usuc_f  =  region=AU&site=glo&b_locale=en_US&c_tp=USD

      intl_locale  =  en_US

      xman_us_f  =  x_l=0&x_locale=en_US


      When AliExpress changed language in all of them the _locale and site values would change to something else.

      So what did I do?

      I clicked on the 'Go to global site' button, checked the cookies had all the 'en_US' or 'glo' in there and then used the 'Cookie Controller' Extension for Firefox to DISABLE cookies for .aliexpress.com.


      It's also helpful to set the expriy time for these cookies from 'Session' to 2080 or whatever..

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